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The Company was founded in 2002


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We are currently providing service to over 700 universities and publishing houses


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More than 2 000 000 documents checked annually by both corporate and individual users


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Our service is successfully used in Europe, CIS countries, Asia and Latin America

History and achievements

Plagiat.pl is the owner of the StrikePlagiarism.com system and was founded in 2002. Due to wide Internet access, the copy-paste method, as well as various companies writing dissertations in the form of a "ghost-writer" or contract cheating (dissertation mills) have become a global phenomenon and a serious threat to the quality of modern education and science.

Since 2002, our team has been actively engaged in changing attitudes towards academic plagiarism and developing technological, legal and procedural solutions. Plagiat.pl operates in 20 countries (Poland, Germany, Spain, Ukraine, Romania, Columbia, Georgia, Bulgaria etc.) and covers more than 700 universities, including Humboldt University in Berlin, Sofia University, Warsaw University, Jagiellonian University, etc.

In Poland, more than 200 universities and more than 100 publishers use the StrikePlagiarism.com system. In Romania in 2010 Plagiat.pl has signed commercial agreement with the Ministry of Education and Science to use our system for PhD thesis and to get integrated plagiarism detection system with PhD thesis central state repository DOCT. 

In 2018, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine signed a Memorandum of Cooperation, which opens up new opportunities and facilitates the access of local universities to our services.

In 2020 Plagiat.pl has signed memorandum with NAQA (National Agency for Higher Education Quality Assurance of Ukraine).

The StrikePlagiarism.com system has been recognized by ENAI (European Network for Academic Integrity) as one of the best anti-plagiarism systems, being the most convenient for use by educational institutions, publishers and other organizations.

Plagiat.pl has significantly expanded its activities both in Europe and in the countries of the former USSR, North Africa and Asia. The StrikePlagiarism.com team has managed to create a product that, in turn, can be easily modified and adapted to suit any academic or business environment.

The company has signed agreements with the leading European databases and aggregators that allows StrikePlagiarism.com clients to access the international scientific journals. Our main goal, however, was to develop a national content in every country where we operate. We have created a large database network both in Europe and Asia, which has greatly increased the interest in our system among non-English speaking clients. The StrikePlagiarism.com system has an advanced recognition algorithm for over 200 languages!

Our anti-plagiarism system, in comparison with the world's leading systems, showed the best results in searching for similarities in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Slovak, Turkish and so on. 




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