In case of a forgotten password, please, click “You forgot password?”. Enter the e-mail address you used as a login for your Strikeplagiarism.com account and press the “Reset the password” button. The System will automatically generate an e-mail containing a link, that should be used to obtain a new password.

To use the system via API, you need to contact us. We will create a corporate account and provide an API key. If you want to use our system via Modle or other LMS, please, contact us and we will guide you. For the Moodle you need first to download our plugin from a moodle.org website, then we will create API key and help you with configuration.

You can find an option "Search for translation plagiarism" when uploading a document for verification at the user's account. You can use this feature to find similarities in text translated from other languages. More than 100 language combinations are available to the system.

To use this feature, please contact us and we will enable it for you. Please remember that the translated text is not the original text and the similarities imposed on it require a very careful analysis.

When analysing a Similarity Report you should remember that:
The Strikeplagiarism.com Similarity Report is only a tool for evaluation. The System mechanically detects similarities to other documents and provides with a result that should be analyzed by a competent person to ascertain whether citations have been properly marked and annotations made. The Similarity Coefficient alone cannot be considered a definite measure of copyright infringement. The Strikeplagiarism.com System does not analyse which document was created first. The document that was indexed and submitted to the System earlier is not treated as a source but can be considered as a similar fragment. Therefore, the Similarity Report cannot be considered when deciding which file is the original and which is the copy. The methods of similarity detection used by the System sometimes cause commonly used or standardised phrases with specialised terminology to be highlighted as alleged plagiarism. 
Different colors mean different sources. More information about Similarity report you can find in the Manual. 

In order to delete your account registered on the Plagiat.pl website, please use the "Delete" option available on the user's account in the "Edit user data" tab.

Such an instruction may also be submitted in writing. To do this, send a message confirming the intention to delete the account along with the documents on it to the e-mail address: contact (at) strikeplagiarism.com. The message should be sent from the form available in the "Help" tab on the user's account. If you send a message via another channel, the Customer Service Department may ask you to send a message from your account for verification purposes. 

Yes! Our system recognizes German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, Turkish, Vietnamese, Philippine, Indonesian, Hindu, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Romanian and many more. 

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