Integration of our system with external systems is possible through the API. At the moment, our system is integrated with a large number of LMS and dean's workflow systems.

This integration greatly simplifies both the exchange of data, including metadata, and documents. The integration allows you to use those accounts that were created in the LMS without the need to open accounts in our system.

If you want to use our API and integrate with your LMS, you first need a corporate account in our system.

To create a corporate account, you need to contact us via the contact form. On our website, you can register an individual account yourself, but it will not have corporate functionality and the ability to work through the API, thus registering a corporate account is mandatory.

After we create a corporate account for you, we will create an API key for your user, which will be transferred to you by us.

Click here and get an API instruction with a wide range of communication functionality between our system and LMS.

Below is a step-by-step diagram for creating an integration API.


Contact us to create corporate account


Ask for an API key and instruction


Test integration